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Hi. My name is Brandi, and I am The MessMaker.

I learned to sew and stitch from my mother and grandmother when I was very small. My grandmother was a fantastic quilter and seamstress, choosing to sew many of her quilts by hand. While my mother liked sewing and was very good at it, her cross stitching was her real passion and she did many Paula Vaughn pieces over the years.


I grew up watching them and other women in my family and eventually got inspired to hone my own skills. I used those skills to sell gobs of fantastic trims and fabrics, sewing custom costumes, wedding dresses, and hair bows while being a stay at home mom. While I loved the look on my clients’ faces upon seeing the finished product, I knew none of those paths were the right fit for me.

In 2019, I met a woman named Linda during jury duty who became a wonderful friend. She introduced me to a group of women who shared my interest in stitching, including a woman named Lenora, who changed my life. Upon hearing that I sewed, she invited me to her home, showed me her vast collection of finished stitching, lent me books and canvases to practice on, gave me critiques when I returned her items, and paid me for my work. I was hooked!


The only thing left to do was to find a name. I had the perfect one: The MessMaker. Messmaker was the nickname I had for my daughter when she was a baby, and perfectly described me as a 40-something mom-turned-professional crafter. My head is always as filled with ideas as my workroom is with supplies. But the skills I have gained over the decades have made me a neat, creative, and experienced crafter. That makes me the perfect MessMaker, with a Mess of skills to Make your stitching as unique as you.


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